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Questions About Washington Smile Center

Will Dr. Price always be the same dentist I work with?

At Washington Smile Center, we believe in building great, continued relationships with our patients. While Dr. Price is our practice’s primary general dentist, we also have several other doctors on staff who can care for you depending on your needs.

What services does Washington Smile Center provide?

From dental surgery and orthodontics to root canals and fillings, there’s not much our team can’t handle. No matter what issue you’re experiencing, we will get to the bottom of it and make sure you receive the best treatment possible. Already know what kind of work you need done, but aren’t sure if we offer it? Click this link to check out a list of our full services!

What can I expect before a routine visit?
When you make Washington Smile Center a home for your smile, you’re treated like family. We make sure to invest in technology and education to provide you with one of the best experiences you’ll ever have at the dentist. During your visit, you’ll be welcomed to the office by a friendly staff member, sign in with your personal information, and within a few minutes, your dental assistant will meet with you. From there, Dr. Price will give you a quick exam, explain any issues you might have and give you a solution on how you can move forward with treatment.
My teeth feel like a lost cause… is it too late to have my dream smile?
No matter how bad you feel your teeth are, no case is ever “too far gone.” Our team believes no one should have to walk through life feeling insecure about showing their smile. After all, this is how we openly express our joy and happiness! If you’re feeling hopeless, we encourage you to meet with us for a consultation so we can affirm your smile’s transformation is certainly possible.

General Questions

I’m scared of receiving dental treatment. How can I get over my fear?

First and foremost, know that you aren’t alone in your fears. Each and every day, we see patients who have put off their dental care for years because they were scared of the pain associated with dentistry. The truth is, dentistry doesn’t have to hurt. We’ve invested in the latest technology, especially laser therapy treatment options, which eliminate pain and discomfort. We also have a kind, empathetic, loving staff who will be there with you every step of the way.

How often should I visit the dentist?

Most patients should see a dentist once every six months for a regular dental cleaning and oral exam. This varies from person to person, depending on your current state of health. During your exam, Dr. Price will let you know if you will need to return at an earlier date for treatment.

When do I need to be screened for periodontal disease and oral cancer?

During your bi-annual dental exams, you’ll be screened for both periodontal disease and oral cancer. If you notice signs of swollen, painful, bleeding gums, please ask to see Dr. Price right away. He will check to see you have periodontal disease, which is easily treatable and pain-free. If you use tobacco products or have had issues with substance abuse, you are more likely to be at risk for oral cancer and should be screened regularly.

Why does your office accept Medicaid, while others don’t?

Most dental practices do not accept Medicaid because they are not required to do so. We understand some people and their families simply cannot afford their dental care, given their financial situation or lack of insurance. Since Dr. Price has been a practicing dentist, he has always wanted to find a way to make dentistry affordable and accessible to any person who is in need of treatment.

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