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Laser Treatments

Advanced Laser Dentistry

At Washington Smile Center, we offer several advanced laser treatments to our patients. If you are fearful of the dentist, but still require treatment, laser dentistry is a great option for you! Laser dentistry is pain-free and minimally invasive. From laser dental cleanings to treatment for periodontal disease, lasers are a great option for patients who want to try a method that puts them at ease, reduces pain and prevents future infections and disease.


NightLase is a laser therapy option for those who suffer from sleep apnea and snoring. This type of treatment is completely non-invasive and designed to help patients feel at ease. During therapy, your doctor will use a gentle laser on the mucous membrane lining the mouth, which can help you and your partner receive a better night’s sleep.

TwinLight™ Periodontal Treatment

TwinLight Periodontal Treatment is a minimally invasive laser therapy that creates excellent, pain-free conditions for treating periodontal disease. During your treatment at Washington Smile Center, we will use two laser wavelengths to treat your gum disease. The laser is designed to prevent patient discomfort, has an extremely high success rate for treating periodontal disease and is cost-effective.

Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP™)

LANAP is a non-invasive gum disease treatment that uses a laser to perform periodontal surgery. It is considered a regenerative procedure, since tissue is not reduced and bone is actually regenerated. The LANAP laser destroys bacteria and infected gum tissue, while helping connective tissue and bone form between your teeth and gums. The LANAP procedure usually consists of two, 2-hour sessions and two follow-up visits.